BrAid hAirStylE


#indianhairstyle #braid hairstyle #blackbrownhair

Indian Braid-Hairstyle..When you are getting bore and wanna try something “new”and after 10mins the hairstyle comes out and feel can do it on your own 😬 and then goes out..feels different..many people commented, appreciated, wanted to do with their hairs too ..

Then friend says to do hairstyle, braid upside down, as she wants to go for hangout with friends, 👇🏻

And after going to the office, one of a team friend wants to have the same kind hairstyle with her coloured hairs, that looks awesome 👇🏻

After coming back from the office seeing sister at home,after a long time and she loved the hairstyle and force to do on her hairs too but wanted with partition and then the hairstyle looks like 👇🏻

Day ended with beautiful look and doing same on many people, another day morning other people wanted to have bun with partition braid bun upside down for the wedding


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